It's My Story


My name is Opeyemi Elebiju. I got married on June 12th, 2021 and I remember holding a pad and telling my husband that by God’s grace, I won’t have a cause to use this pad I brought to his house throughout 2021. I joined Prevailers Ministry about 3 days after, through a friend. I remember […]


I remember this day, my sugar level reading was at 29. The pressure was unstable, His heartbeat wasfaint, He had just buried his father 7 days ago, he had travelled for a 3 days Tanzia ( burial ceremonyas per the Islamic faith) [family matanga]. Immediately he started preaching again, his father died ( it was […]

God Found Us Worthy Of A Miracle

no matter what you’re dealing with, no matter how bleak any situation is, God is still in the business of turning a mess into a message

Loving Home Your Prodigal Child

As a certified counsellor, she provides guidance with Godly wisdom to people who are going through emotionally challenging situations

Before The Wedding Day

I know some cultures have that entrenched to a very deep level. The wife is brought in to serve everybody and slave for all the in-laws.

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