It's My Story

Healing and Finding Purpose After Domestic Abuse and Divorce


I would like to start by sharing my life as a single mom. My first husband left me after 10 years of marriage together for another wife. My ex-husband would not allow me to make decisions or allow me to share my views or ideas in our family. He would not allow me to speak anything against him and I was not allowed to improve myself by being an entrepreneur or to educate myself to improve my standard of living. Sometimes he did not allow me to go to church and family gatherings. The journey was not easy as my ex-husband was very abusive both verbally and physically. After he left on 31 July 2003, I had to look after our two daughters by myself. Sending them to school, providing food, medical attention, a decent shelter, and showing them as much love as I could, became my focus. At the same time, I was looking after my beloved deceased mother. My daughters sometimes would ask me where their Dad was, and it was the most difficult and stressful question to answer.

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