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Before The Wedding Day

I know you are excited and looking forward to the big day. Yes, it is our marriage and I know you are the custodian of all the marriage rites and traditions. I know you have a view about the proposed husband or wife. I know you are concerned about your brother or sister as the case may be. Thank God for in-laws. They are a part of the marriage we cannot do without or entirely ignore. But wait.

They have made their choices and decided to marry. Your son has decided to leave Father and Mother and be joined to his wife. Have you realised he is now a man and is moving on? Have you woken up to the realisation that his home is not an extension of your home or yard? Have you come to the full understanding he is leaving to cleave to his wife?

Mama, have you woken up to the fact that he is going to marry his wife and start his own home? Do you understand it is his wife, not your slave he is going to marry?

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