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Marriage Talk. Boundaries. Protecting Your Flame

I woke up one morning around a month ago to see a Facebook post by a friend. She wrote: “I think at some point in marriage classes, parents of intending couples should be involved. Wedding Day sermon isn’t enough.” (Helen Okpala).

Someone asked her “involved to do what?” and she responded, “They need to hear it directly from the man of God that they should know their boundaries.” This made me think about a lot of things and has prompted me to write the below message.

BOUNDARIES & UNITY: What is the role of parents once their children are married? Bearing in mind that the Bible says we must honour our mother & father, and knowing that the Bible also says a man shall leave his father and mother, the question is where do we draw the line? should parents be taught their boundaries? who should teach them? Where do we draw the line between what culture expects and what is right? and how do we protect what we share? I think a couple’s ability to UNITE goes hand in hand with BOUNDARIES because what a couple allows is what will happen too.

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