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God Found Us Worthy Of A Miracle

I had a smooth pregnancy, it was my second pregnancy. I had most of my antenatal done in the USA with a full anatomical scan and everything was in the clear, so imagine my surprise when I had my daughter Kayla Karachi in August 2010 and life as I knew it changed.

KK as we fondly call her was first diagnosed with hard and soft cleft palate then there was a recommendation for a full evaluation by a neonatologist the next day and her diagnosis got worse. She was diagnosed with truncus arteriosus. This in a nutshell is a cardiac condition where the pulmonary artery and aorta fuse together to form one vessel instead of 2 separate vessels so blood with oxygen and blood without oxygen mixes making the heart work extra hard to pump oxygenated blood and can lead to heart failure and death especially for a newborn.

Immediately transferred to a children’s hospital and immediate heart surgery was recommended. At exactly 1 week old, KK had to undergo a full open-heart surgery which lasted over 10 hours. Those were the longest 10 hours of my life but by the grace of God, everything went well but while in recovery the same night, KK crashed! Her blood pressure and heart rate were so low, the cardiologist started considering opening her chest again. With a lot of intervention and emergency care, she pulled through that night. KK was also diagnosed with a condition called Pierre Robin Sequence. This means that her chin was so small that when she lies down on her back, her tongue falls backwards inside her mouth and blocks her airway so she cannot breathe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Taka, your family has been through a lot and the greatest and most awe-inspiring is your reliance and faith in God through it all.

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