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The Prevailers Empowerment Foundation

Women In Business

Long before the word `empowermentโ€™ became popular, women were speaking about gaining control over

their lives, and participating in making the decisions that would affect them in their homes and communities, in government, and international development policies.

Head Prevailers Empowerment Foundation
Ifeoluwa Macus

The problem however remains that only a few have a clear conception of the true meaning of empowerment. With the birthing of the Prevailers International Ministry came the immediate need to empower women to stand on their own. PREVAILERS is a community of strong women knitted together in love and who travail in prayers in a Godly / Holy ghost-filled atmosphere to celebrate, share our strengths, pains, weaknesses and Prevail as a sisterhood. Within this ministry, we strive to empower one another.

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