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The Journey Of An Orphan, Victim Of Child Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, Domestic Violence & Multiple Gang Rapes To A Glorious Marriage & Ministry

My Healing Story

My name is Celine Lucy Njoki. My parents separated when I was about four years old. My mom just left with my youngest brother. She left me and the brother who comes right after me with my dad. I have never seen her since. I do not even know what she looked like. People who know her used to say I am a spitting image of her. But I didn’t know. I had also never seen my youngest brother. Until recently after so many years.

Celine Lucy
Celine Lucy

Unfortunately, I was never told the reason why her mother left. No one talked about it. Life went on and life with my dad was good. But at the age of seven years, my father was involved in an accident and passed away. When he died, again, no one explained what happened. I just saw people crying and someone told me that my dad had died, but no one explained what really happened. They probably thought I was too young to understand.”

Soon after laying my father to rest, some of his (dad’s) cousins came to live in the family home while they furthered their education. One of the cousins began molesting me. I was about eight years old then and he was about 25 or 26. I had no one to tell. I couldn’t even go to my grandmother to tell her. I became rebellious and every time I did something, I would get beaten by my dad’s brothers. I still have scars on my body from the beatings I got from a cane.

I was an introvert and I learned to keep things to myself. The rest of my childhood just bypassed me. I was bed-wetting and only stopped when I was 14. I was so afraid of people, afraid of things. I never had any friends and the beatings made me stubborn. I didn’t know how to explain to them that I was being molested under their very noses. Till the day I opened up and shared my story, they didn’t know.

The sexual abuse by my father’s cousin ceased when I was 14, but shortly after, I involved myself with a young man who had professed his love for me. And since I was naïve and yearning to be loved, I fell for him and within no time I was pregnant at 15. My relationship with him took an abrupt break when I was 7 months pregnant after I saw him holding hands with my best friend. The betrayal cut deep, and so I returned to my family’s home and gave birth to my first child at 16.

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  1. Thank you Celine for sharing your touching story. It blessed me.
    May the Lord heal you of every wound ( both seen and unseen) according to Jeremiah 30:17 and continue to hold your hand and order your steps for His glory in Jesus mighty name amen. Shalom 🙏🏾

  2. Wow, you are God’s own master piece. Am so touched and blessed, encouraged by your story🥺, God has the final say

  3. Gosh!!! What a mighty God we serve. Sometimes His silence is really progress at work. Thank God for such a powerful life story! Awesome indeed.

  4. You are forever blessed Ma’am. God is our helper at all times..may you be healed completely in Jesus name, amen. Your ministry will continue to bless lives.

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