It's My Story

The Arrival Of Twins And Open Doors In Our Lives

My name is Ndzerem Sevidzem Laura. I’m here to testify to the glory of God over my life. 

I was filled with joy when I took in for my twin boys. Things were tough for my husband and me, but we were okay and happy. My husband had plans to leave Cameroon for Abu Dhabi in search of a job due to the anglophone crisis in Cameroon. He had lost his work as a contractor, but I was lucky because I’m a government teacher and had a steady salary which we were sure to receive every month end. 

After he lost his job, he had some savings in his account and he decided to look for a place in town to sell male wears. The business was progressing, but due to the constant gunshots in town, he had to stop. I had to take a loan for him to go to Abu Dhabi for work. He gave 1 million francs to a friend of his that claimed he could help him process the travel documents and we waited for months to no avail. We threatened him with arrest before he could pay back about 650,000 francs of the 1 Million we paid. The situation was wearing my husband out, so we decided he should travel with a tourist visa.

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