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Stormrex Maternity Testimony

This is to encourage a sister who is still in the waiting room

My maternity testimony goes this way; Three weeks to my marriage introduction what should have been a normal period turned to a non-stop bleed. Hubby then fiancรฉ took me to the lab where I was told I had endometriosis, PID, and Ovarian Cyst. The doctor told me to bring a deposit of 40,000 Naira to commence treatment immediately because if I delayed further I could bleed to death and that the earlier I arrested the case the larger my chance of conceiving as delay could make me unable to conceive. I told hubby about it and I remember his question “Is that doctor God, what makes him feel he can conclude on you?”.

I met another doctor who gave me one tablet and the bleeding ceased but he insisted I commenced treatment so I won’t have issues conceiving. After we got married, hubby suggested we wait a year or two first before making babies and I hurriedly agreed but few months into the marriage, pressure from left, right, and center made me want to conceive that same year so I started trying quietly without telling hubby… Again I went to the hospital and another medical report was given.

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