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Prevailing As A Woman In Ministry

Prevailers International Ministry being one that encourages women to rise in their God-given potential and fulfill purpose, it was important for us to hear from a woman who has answered the call of God upon her life and who has prevailed and is still prevailing on many fronts.

Rev. Lola Oyebade is the General Overseer & Senior Pastor of House on the Rock International Church, London UK. She is the CEO of Hotric Charity Shop London, the President of Women of Faith International, an Executive at the Board for Feast of Esther UK, a mentor to men and women Pastors, a conference speaker, Missionary, and Author. She has served as a Board Member of several Ministerial Fellowships.

It is a blessing to read what she has to say about Prevailing as a woman in Ministry.

# Dear Pastor, thank you for accepting to feature on the maiden edition of It’s My Story. It is an honor and a privilege for us, for all our women readers who are called into ministry who will be blessed by your story, and more especially for me as your mentee. For the benefit of our readers who do not yet know you, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself and how you felt the calling of God to step out in ministry as a woman?

Thank you for giving me opportunity to address your readers and to be a blessing to my sisters. I am grateful.

I am a wife going to forty years this year, a mother, and a grandmother.

I have been living in England now for four decades. I came to England to join my husband who was a year ahead of me studying in 1981 and to study.

Even though I was born to committed Christian parents and raised in a home where we learnt morning devotion and night prayer etc, my heart was not surrendered to Jesus so I got married not as a committed Christian.

As time went on, the first friend I had in UK was a Christian committed to Jesus whose lifestyle was the complete opposite of mine yet she loved me and still loves me(we are still friends and loyal to each other too).

I still remember she always said “Lola God is going to use you and Jesus will reveal Himself to you” which was the same thing I used to hear back home in Lagos Nigeria.

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