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Heroine Of Faith

Frances Jane van Alstyne popularly known as Fanny Crosby was born on March 24th, 1820 to John and Mercy Crosby in the village of Brewster, New York, USA.

At only six weeks old, Fanny fell ill at a time when her doctor was away. A different doctor who would later be identified as a quack is believed to have caused Fanny to go blind after administering hot mustard poultices to her eyes.

At only six months old, Fannyโ€™s father passed on, and was thereafter raised by her mother Mercy, and her grandmother Eunice Paddock Crosby. The two women taught and grounded her in the Christian faith. At a tender age, Fanny could recite a good part of the bible, including the Pentateuch, the Gospels, Psalms, Songs of Solomon, and Proverbs. She achieved this by fervently memorizing five chapters of the bible every week.

Fanny began to show an exceptional passion for poetry at a very early age, at eight, she penned down her very first poetry.

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