It's My Story

He Healed Me And Gave Me A New Heart

Alive For A Purpose

It all started in the year 2019 after I returned from the market at around 4 pm, I was cooking when I started feeling weak. It was as if my breath was leaving me and I felt tightness in my chest.
I decided to go lay down, perhaps it was because of the day’s stress, little did I know that life was about to be snuffed out of me. While on the bed the tightness of the chest was becoming intense, my breathing was fast, seizures on the leg and weakness all over. Then I raised alarm at exactly 8 pm that I can’t breathe anymore. I was rushed to the hospital. Vital signs were checked, Bp was 150/120 and pulse was below 50.

That night, it was an emergency case as nurses and the doctor did all they could to save me but God stepped in and stopped what would have been RIP.
After resuscitating me and I was stable, several tests were done the next day and all they could see was malaria.
Days after I was discharged, the same symptoms hit again and I was rushed back to the hospital, but this time the doctor said he won’t commence with treatment until I go for a Chest-Xray and ECG.

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