It's My Story

From Sexual Abuse, Lesbianism & Drugs To A Dance & Fire Ministry

A Story Of God’s Grace & Healing

I am Taneya, a replica of God’s love. Each day reminds me of how much God’s love can envelop us despite our challenges in life. Growing up is not an experience to remember. It brings back scary memories, but I am using it to let people know how much God loves us and how willing He is to give us a second chance to live no matter what we have been through.

I was raised by both mother and father but in a household ravaged by domestic violence. My parents split when I was 9 and I battled with anger. I became rebellious after losing my father who was my best friend. Life became even more complicated when my aunt took my innocence. It still feels like yesterday. My parents had left for work and I was left under her care. That day, she had called me into her room asking me to pull out her undies while she did the same, the pain is still fresh, but she had promised me that I will not have a problem as far as I did not tell anyone. It became the order of the day and before I knew it, lesbianism became a lifestyle. We would do it every day until she left the house. I moved to high school with the feeling of insecurity and inferiority complex. I felt everyone was better than I was because I felt dirty every day of such practices with other girls, and this brought me closer to a harsh side of life.

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  1. Wow! God’s lavish, extravagant, crazy love and Grace at work!!!! Hallelujah! He does it over and over and over again and again!
    Awesome story!

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