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Experiencing God’s GRACE through seasons of loss and grief

In this section, we would like to share the story of Pastor Del Adetola, a Pastor residing in Abidjan Ivory Coast, and fondly called “Mammy” by many in different nations.

She is the President of Mission Ephrata & Francophonie pour Christ with 3 branches in Ivory Coast, two branches in the Republic of Bénin, and one branch in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She is also the Président of AQUIPRIS, a ministry to Christian couples.

A woman with many hats who has experienced various seasons in her ministry journey, we focus today on her experience with grief and invite her to speak to us on one of the most difficult experiences that any human being can experience. Pastor Del has experienced grief in its rawest form. Having lost her daughter, her brother, and her husband, we sought to hear and share her story so that it might bring a touch of healing to others who are going through the same. It is our prayer that those who are in the heart of grief especially in this worldwide pandemic can receive God’s healing power and grace as they read her story today. We thank Pastor Del for accepting to share her story with us.

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  1. Indeed what would we do without Jesus when life’s hard knocks strike? He is our refuge in the storm, our hiding place, our Rock!

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