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I remember this day, my sugar level reading was at 29. The pressure was unstable, His heartbeat was
faint, He had just buried his father 7 days ago, he had travelled for a 3 days Tanzia ( burial ceremony
as per the Islamic faith) [family matanga].

Immediately he started preaching again, his father died ( it was less than 2 weeks by the way). The death of his father- opened a can of worms. A lot of bad things, family secrets, high-level betrayals, and family fights, and blame games started.

A million little miracles, I can’t count them all. I was in an Industrial area, preparing some construction materials for a site at Ruiru. I rushed back home in a boda, the burial was a bit dramatic. He was in a jovial mood, telling me everything that had happened in the village. His family had bullied him for making a comeback to Christianity.

They held a community gathering to trash him publicly. You know Islamic families have a way of mistreating you when you appear to believe in a different faith, one day he will write a book someday.
He was forced to participate in deep honouring the dead rituals. In my heart, I felt those were rituals to silence his ministry, to end his life. When you discern you know. He was told to shave his hair
to honour his dead father, and they also slaughtered a sheep and goat, to me those are deep rituals.

They had him sit in the middle of a public baraza, like those in Nigerian movies, where the community elders and your family members accuse you. They tortured him for an entire evening, and they humiliated him badly, he had a big name before as Pastor and brought various Ngo projects to his motherland as of 2007, he had opened various churches and done a lot of the kingdom. That time they mocked his faith in Christ. They even passed judgment over his Life, if he didn’t follow their ways. I had seen all this in a dream while he was in the village. Sometimes I get dreams of things that will happen. When we spoke over the phone, I told him to come back to Nairobi quickly, in every family, there is that one uncle who assumes he can dictate how people will live. I told him to ignore that uncle in his family and come back to Nairobi.

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