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Oh my God again? So it was not healing after all? Chai, thank you Jesus for the gift of my daughter!
Even if another doesn’t come, you have tried for me! Those were my words when we got the medical test result of my husband. I felt a bit frightened, confused and disappointed. I told my husband this was because he thought our first pregnancy was his right and decided to go back to his lifestyle!

After our wedding on 7th April 2018, I was so full of confidence that meeting intimately with my husband for the first time is me becoming pregnant immediately. So after the wedding, the first month, nothing. The second month nothing. I got worried because I just know nothing should stop me from taking in, I had thought!

After the 2nd month, I couldn’t just sit and do nothing, I was wondering and thinking of so many things. The thought of my aunty and her husband that waited for 10 years before conception caused me to be so scared and wondered if that’s what will happen to me! Because I am into medicals, I couldn’t wait, I told my husband that we need to start going for medical checks to be sure there was no medical issue with us. We did and there it was, low sperm count! My heart sank! The doctor said it can be corrected but just that it might take a little time depending on the individual. Some 1,2,3 or even 5 years !! How long will my waiting take oh God? I wondered Oh God why me? After everything? After living for you? What about my vow to you? Was it in vain? Why did you allow me to get into this? I cried and prayed!

The enemy started bringing pictures and stories of many couples that waited long. Ah! I screamed! I prayed and told Daddy God that I don’t have faith like those people. I prayed and asked God to please help me! One night I was praying, something that said I should start giving thanks, which I did. I started
thanking God for bringing me this far. I thanked him for giving me a husband after so many disappointments as I insisted on waiting till my wedding night. My husband came and accepted my principles, that’s one of the reasons we got here.

Then I asked the Lord to please give me a heart for other people’s children even if I don’t have my own. I asked him to help me love other children and to treat them like my own. I accepted my fate.

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