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I am that little girl whom God has shown mercy. It all started officially on June 26th, 2020 after my wedding. Just a few months after, I had a dream, an unknown lady told me in that dream that I will
never bear a child with my husband. She said “since he finally got married to you, you will never conceive for him” I shared the dream with my husband and I asked him if he promised anyone marriage before me,
he said never that I am the only one he promised marriage to and got married to. We prayed against the dream and with time we forgot about it.

Since that time, I never missed my period talk more of conceiving. Months passed and nothing
was happening. I started worrying about it and started praying vehemently and we started visiting
hospitals for checkups and evaluations. Several fertility tests were conducted and after a while, it was deduced that my husband has a low sperm count and that with such a condition we wouldn’t have children unless he is treated with improvement. We were surprised and sad about the findings but we knew it was the devil who had inflicted him.

With that result, we started running around all the hospitals for a solution. We started seeing so many
gynecologists for solutions and treatment. The sad thing was that after a series of medications it will still come out with insignificant results or no improvement at all. We prayed, sowed seeds and engaged in different types of biblical covenant exercises yet there was no improvement. Fast forward to a day when we visited one of the hospitals for consultation and another lab test, one of the staff that took our blood sample approached me in a friendly manner and she consoled me and introduced me to a group called Prevailers Ministry. I joined the group and I was introduced to the maternity unit head.

That was when our situation started seeing hope. We were constantly prayed for and encouraged. Fast forward to 2nd April 2021, I missed my period! Of course, I didn’t believe it could be pregnancy! I thought it probably might be a result of stress. A friend advised me to run a pregnancy test. I didn’t want to because my husband’s last result has little or no improvement.

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