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I got married in 2017 after a series of attacks. After the wedding, I was expecting to conceive but it didn’t happen. We kept waiting and in 2018 we attempted to go for a medical examination to ascertain our health status. I was diagnosed with high prolactin and a blocked right fallopian tube. Prolactin was handled in a matter of 3 months and of course, my left fallopian tube is ok, so I was good to go according to the Doctor. We tried and tried before we knew anything, 4 years had passed.

During, my time of waiting, one of the things that kept me was the people surrounding me; my pastor and his wife, Mummy B, Mummy Efuru, and her Amiable husband pastor Steve and others. They were a source of encouragement to me. There were times I cried to my pastor and sometimes to Mummy B and Mummy Efuru who encouraged me to hold on to the Lord. Particularly, on the first week of December 2020, my pastor, Pastor Fidelis Alika asked me to prepare to embark on 3 days of dry fasting from 29th Dec 2020 to 1st Jan 2021 which I did and it was as if nothing was happening. There were times I almost gave up but I had many people from church, Prevailers Ministry, etc encouraging me.

In March 2021, we decided to go for more medical examinations and one of our sisters here recommended a certain clinic where the doctor suggested I go for IVF but I declined because after
going through my medical history via the several results I came with, the Dr couldn’t pinpoint any
problem. I was supposed to go for a test that will cost me 236k in the same hospital but I sowed it in
the Lord’s vineyard. Soon, I realized one of my friends that were also waiting got pregnant and bitterness almost got me because I felt left out but thank God for my husband who spoke sense into me. He said I
should rejoice with her because their miracle is evidence that Jesus is in the neighbourhood and would visit us soon. I braced up and helped my friend enjoy her pregnancy as much as I could.

Then in August, I started having funny dreams, from my mother-in-law asking me if I was pregnant, to seeing myself pregnant or holding a baby. I told Mummy B about it and she said I should continue to pray fervently as she could sense my miracle is around the corner.

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