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The Prevailing Singles Group is an arm of the Prevailers Ministry International to cater to the peculiar
needs of the singles in the ministry. As a foundation, we are saddled with huge responsibilities of
empowering women across borders to become firm, strong, optimistic, persistent, tenacious, grit, and
hopeful in doing life. We are so passionate about helping women discover their God-given talents
through conscious exposure to global human developmental ventures. We teach practical skills that
equip and position singles in diverse ways. We exist out of a burning passion for making life meaningful
and valuable while hoping to settle in our marriages as singles. We cut across all ethnic lines, races,
religious affiliations, and orientations. As a ministry, our existence is in constantly becoming better
versions of ourselves and in adding value to women generally.
Prevailing Single Group is birthed out of the burning passion of carrying women along in guiding them
to become assets and not liabilities in their marriages. We encourage singles to be at their best and
explore all available opportunities to maximise their God-given talents. This rebirth group, an arm of our
ministry becomes pivotal as we prepare singles ahead of marriage to enable them to gain dominance
with the right mindset and expectations of real marital obligations. Our experience in marriage for
decades has fully exposed us to issues that were neglected by those who groomed and raised us. We
are more proactive in our approach to raising better wives who have what it takes to make a huge
difference in their journey. As women called into this purpose, we are better positioned to take our
singles through hurdles we were used as guinea pigs. Hence, we are strategic in using all available tools
to be explored through deliberate engagements and mentoring to adequately equip and prepare our
singles for the tasks ahead of them. We cannot ignore salient issues we almost sacrificed ourselves with
as women in marriage so, we are optimistic that our approach as aligns with the divine mandate is the
heartbeat of God in raising prospective wives and mothers that our families and societies would be
proud of.

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