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I met Celine Lucy Njoki last year and was completely moved by her story of survival. She shared the
story of how she prevailed over teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, and abuse, gang rape, sodomy,
and rejection with us in our Prevailers magazine. Her story brought healing to many —-โ€ฆ/

Finally, a year later, she moved out in faith and began the Prevailers branch in Nairobi Kenya. Prevailers
KENYA had her first physical gathering this weekend with a record of 52 members. The pictures and
videos brought tears to my eyes. Here below is the report from the first meeting. This was followed up with charitable deeds as 5 battered and abused mothers who ran away for their lives were able to benefit from grocery shopping shared among them for Christmas.

God is doing a new thingโ€ฆ..women all around the world are rising like an army.


When God asks you to do something.. Just start and leave the rest to Him. For a while now I have known my calling but I couldn’t bring myself to do it fully, maybe because of fear or feeling that I am not good enough, but the more I fellowship with the Holy Spirit the more I am pushed out of my comfort zone and fear erasedโ€ฆ

I put a post here recently and said I was thinking of a day out with a few women where we could just fellowship and pray and as soon as I did that so many women responded and I had to create a WhatsApp app group as of now the group stands at 52 women. Everyone was eager to meet and we planned to meet at Arboretum on the 19th, but there was the issue of the weather and we started exploring other venues. I asked The Holy Spirit to lead and one of the ladies an amazing woman Mwari Wa Muhunjia–this world is blessed to have you–offered us her house and even cooked for us on her bill, she asked us not to contribute anything, not even acent, isn’t this God?

On Saturday more than 20 women showed up, women who have gone through issues and God has
brought broken people my way but this was a different level, I could feel the brokenness and the desire
to heal. The whole of last week God had confirmed to me what He wanted to do on that day and will
continue doing with the women who showed up, He specifically handpicked them for a purpose.

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