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My name is Opeyemi Elebiju. I got married on June 12th, 2021 and I remember holding a pad and telling my husband that by God’s grace, I won’t have a cause to use this pad I brought to his house throughout 2021. I joined Prevailers Ministry about 3 days after, through a friend. I remember telling the Prevailers family to pray fruitfulness upon my marriage which they did.

2 weeks after my wedding, I had all the pregnancy symptoms which were confirmed with a strip but I
was still doubtful, I had to go and do a blood test for confirmation, and that was when I finally had
direct contact with Mummy B, who handed me over to the Prevailers Maternity Ministry leader. It was a great joy in my home, especially looking at my hubby who was 39 and almost 40, that was why I didn’t want delay. I had my first scan at 8 weeks and it was scary because a cyst was found, the Sonographer wasn’t worried but when I went in to see the head midwife, she scared me and marked my file, she said she was worried. I also became worried.

I told the Prevailers Maternity Ministry leader, mummy Efuru immediately. She called me and prayed with me and told me not to entertain fear and that the cyst isn’t there to stay. Fortunately, subsequent scans showed that the cyst was nowhere to be found, glory to God!

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