It's My Story


The moving testimony of a book release after years of pain, purpose confinement, opposition, oppression, setbacks, and delays.
Our God indeed is awesome!

If anyone had told me earlier(January) this year that I would be sharing this testimony, especially
on this platform, seriously I would have doubted it.
Looking back to how the past 12-13yrs of my life have been even till the second quarter of this year,
there was no sign of any change coming, but my contact with the Prevailers’ Family around June/July this year was a DIVINE SET-UP that triggered a major turnaround in my life and I am here to return all glory to God for His unfailing love and mercies towards me.
I also want to thank God for empowering me to publish MY FIRST BOOK in November this year 2022 against all odds; the very book the enemy fought so hard to stop in so many years. Before I proceed with this testimony, I will like to share a little about myself.

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